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We don’t just make the most out of air, we do more

Our contribution to your success

Take a deep breath and think for a moment: there can be no life without air – this applies to human life as well as normal day-to-day life. And that is where we come in – as a company whose business is based on air. It is the raw material from which we obtain a large proportion of our products. We deal with it on a daily basis. We separate it into its individual components every day to make invisible but invaluable products: Gases for Life.

Cutting, welding, firing, heating, melting, grinding, pressing, spraying, cleaning, sterilizing, cooling, crystallizing, preserving products and saving lives: It’s all possible with the right gas.

Industrial and medical gases are indispensable in a large number of sectors and applications.
The companies of the Messer Group offer you fittings and supply systems for industrial gases from a single source – from the valve to gas cylinder cabinets.
Reliability comes in many forms: Messer supply options.
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