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Messer in Romania

The Group Messer entered the Romanian market in the middle 1990s, at the same time with the first deliveries of gas to the customers through industrial gas supply installations.

The fast growth of the delivery volume, made necessary our local presence, achieved by setting up the company Messer Romania Gaz S.R.L. in 1998, with full German capital. In the following period, the activity of the group expanded in the field of producing acetylene at Messer Energo Gaz S.R.L. by setting up joint ventures. The most efficient retail of products according to the requirements of the customers leads to the development of a retail network.

The year 2000 marked a remarkable development in the medical field, most of the medical centers taking advantage of our modern systems of supplying liquefied medical oxygen, thus ensuring a long-term quality and availability.

Our field of activity comprises the production and trading of industrial, medicinal and special gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, acetylene, gas mixtures and special gases. Our activities vary from the operation of air separation factories, to storage and transportation of gases to the customers. These services can be provided by means of pipe networks, truck cisterns, batteries, bottles, or on-site systems of gas delivery.

From metallurgy to food processing, from microelectronics to medicine, from chemistry to environmental protection, the competence of Messer Group covers the entire range of gas application in industry, technology, research and medicine.

In order to provide a steady quality of our products and services, at both companies which represent Messer Group GmbH in Romania: Messer Romania Gaz SRL( August 5th 2003) and Messer Energo Gaz SRL(December 21st 2004) was certified the implementation of the system of quality assurance and management, standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008.