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Medical Division

Messer is extending his field of activities with a new one: medical through developing his medical division. Starting with 2009, Messer comes in medical market from Romania with equipments asoxygenotherapy "home care", oxygen concentrators, pressure regulators, cylinders of 10 liters, for home care use, in hospitals, private clinics, medical offices, private institutions for nursing, rest home etc.

In our area of products we also offer:

- oxygen concentrators;

- mobile concentrators

- oxygen cylinders of 10 l;

- pressure regulators;

- pulsoximeters.

The corresponding expendable items such as:

- oxygen masks;

- nasal cannulae ;

- humidifier;

- water container;

- adopter for oxygen tube.

Conditions to rent or buy the produsts - papers needed:

- identity card of patient;

- identity card of person who represent the patient;

- medical recommandation

- decision of CASMB.