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Easy Re-ordering: scan the barcode on your Messer gascylinder and reorder in a couple of clicks your product from your Android Phone.

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Food gases

Find the gas by E-number, composition, application or (Messer) brand name. Download the technical specification and (if available for your country) the material safety data sheet.

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Gas center search

Find Messer's closest gas centers from your current location. Get contact information and driving instructions thanks to the integration of Google maps.

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Gas properties & conversion

View gas properties of the most important industrial & specialty gases. Convert between either volume and flow units (Europe & US) of the most common bulk gases including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and Helium.

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Welding positions (ISO 6947)

A quick search tool to find the appropriate welding position in the ISO 6947 and AWS 3.0 norms.

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Welding Gases

Find the shielding gases that you need for your materials, welding processes and requirements. Either under our material-related product names, clearly organised according to ISO standard or by selecting the gases within the mixture.

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Shielding gas flow

A sufficient shielding gas flow is necessary to guarantee an optimal weld. The shielding gas flow is dependent on the type of material, the welding parameters and shielding gas that is utilized during the welding process. This app calculates the optimal gas flow for a range of operating conditions.